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Positive Programming for Success!

Hypnosis Downloads and CD's for Positive Programing

Have you ever decided you were going to make a change in your life and initially felt very determined to follow through with that change, only to have your motivation quickly slip away?

hypnosis programsWe can make a decision or a commitment on a conscious level but if it is what is in the unconscious or subconscious that runs the show. This is why positive programming hypnotherapy is so effective. It puts the law of attraction in action by aligning both the conscious will and the subconscious programming toward the same goal.

Whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking, end depression, increase your financial abundance, find a soulmate, halt the aging process, find a greater spiritual connection or severe destructive emotional or psychic ties with someone who is draining your energy, we have a program that can help you.

The best part is that we have a program that fits your budget. You can get a one-on-one highly effective positive programming session right over the phone, or you can purchase the CD or MP3 download and begin right now!


How Does It Work?

positive hypnosis audio programsHealth Inspirations Positive Programming Audio's create a sacred space for you to enter a state of relaxation where the subconscious mind is receptive to positive programming. We use Kaleah's beautiful and trance inducing music as our backgrounds which consists of piano, native flute sounds and other keyboard melodies. Kaleah guides you into a state of deep relaxation with her soothing and hypnotic voice and then gives your subconscious mind a series of prompts and suggestions that influence this part of your mind to automatically induce change. Kaleah achieves this end through stories, affirmations and other techniques that have been proven affective while in a state of deep relaxation.

This is not a subliminal program which means you will hear every word spoken on a conscious level. Although what you hear on the subconscious level is more important most people like to hear what is being said. It gives them a greater sense of empowerment and proactive involvement in their own healing and transformation. And lets face it...any healing modality involves both the healer and the patient working together in partnership towards the same goal. At Health Inspirations we are on your team working with you to help you transform your life in a positive and inspiring way!

It is suggested that if working with a CD or audio download that you listen daily or twice daily for 30 days for optimum results. It takes approximately 30 days to develop a habit. This means it also takes approximately 30 days to change or break a habit by introducing a new more positive habit in its place. Each time that we work together on making a change in your life we are both moving away from something that isn't working for you an moving towards something that is. So not only are we suggesting that you are, for example: "no longer a smoker" "you now enjoy your new life as a non-smoker" You enjoy breathing better, feeling stronger, healthier, more socially connected, happier and more empowered." There is always a trade off! You replace one set of circumstances with a better set.

How Are Your Positive Programming Audio's Different Than Working With the Principals of the Law of Attraction?

law of attraction versus self hypnosisSince the film "The Secret" and all the different "take offs" the "Law of Attraction" has been a very popular topic. It is based on the idea that we create our reality through our thoughts, deeds and actions. What we focus on we create! What we think about comes about and so on.... Although the Law of Attraction has great merit it is missing an important link. It is based primarily on conscious thought and our ability to control our thinking, feelings and beliefs. Unfortunately what is in our conscious mind is not as powerful in creating our reality as what is in our unconscious. This is why a technique that actually works on programming from the inside out is much more effective. You can repeat affirmations until you are blue in the face and it seldom has long lasting results. Our positive programming sessions go right to the root of the problem or issue that is preventing you from being successful.

For example lets say you are trying to lose weight and decide to apply the "law of attraction" to achieve this goal. You have photos up all over your house of a slim person with your face on it. There are affirmations everywhere and you are always repeating the words "I am now at my perfect weight of 130 pounds." But each time you see the photos you know it isn't really your body on those pics and whenever you say "I am now 130 pounds" there is a part of you that says "liar!" You know you are not really 130 pounds and that doubt and frustration can have an adverse affect. When we work on a level of hypnosis we bypass the conscious thinking part of the brain and go to the part that rules the roost. It is the subconscious aspect that really influences your habits and behavior. This is the part we want to work with and influence. The subconscious aspect needs to be given instruction and a reason for why it is being instructed to align with your goal of losing weight or whatever your goal is. You need to get all the parts of your psyche working together. If your conscious and unconscious are operating from two different motivations your unconscious will always win. That is why it is so important to work with the unconscious in getting it to align with your goals.

It is not that the unconscious is intentionally trying to sabatoge you. It doesn't work like that. There is a point somewhere along the line where it received a set of programs it is still carrying out. For example somewhere in childhood you might have formed an unconscious belief that food equals love or comfort and no matter how much you try to change it on a conscious level whenever you feel unloved or need comfort your unconscious mind will guide you right to your favorite comfort food.

Although the law of attraction is important to know and understand you must use it in conjunction with some type of hypnosis for best results.


I've tried Hypnotherapy Before and It Didn't Work!

Hypnosis works! It is proven affective in making lasting changes. If you tried it and didn't succeed there are a few possibilities to consider. 1) You never entered a state of hypnosis so the suggestions never made it to your subconscious mind or 2) You have a deep seated resistance in place that needs to be cleared before your subconscious mind will take a suggestion. Sometimes when working with an audio program you need only commit to listening on a daily basis until you become so familiar with the audio that you let your guard down and the suggestions start getting through. Or if you schedule an actual live session your therapist can help you to identify and clear the obstacles preventing you from achieving a deeply relaxed state or from resisting the suggestions given.

I'm Afraid of Losing Control

Welcome to the club! Most people are! But hypnosis is not about taking control. You are always in control and free to turn off the audio or stop the session at any time. You are never given a suggestion that has the power to over ride your own moral and ethical values and belief systems. This is only in the movies. We see people getting hypnotized and then being made to follow orders to steal or kill or something crazy like that. But in reality this can't happen. Because you are not asleep or unconscious in these programs. You are fully aware although deeply relaxed. You accept the suggestions made on these programs because you want the results. If I made a suggestion that you didn't like on one of the programs you would simply throw it out. For example if I said "you enjoy eating lots of fresh fruit like oranges, apples and pears" and you are allergic to oranges your mind will automatically throw out the oranges and just accept the apples and pears. It might even search for an alternative to oranges and replace it with strawberries for example. You are never given a suggestion that causes you to do something you don't want to do.


Kickstarting Ykickstarting your lifeour Life is a program designed to get you out of lethargy and into action. It not only gets you thinking about what you want to create in your life on a conscious level but this program also works with you on deep unconscious levels through the power of hypnosis.

Kickstarting your life is a combination E-book and Mp3 Audio Hypnosis Download that guides you through the process of focusing your attention and energy forward in creating a new life rather than dwelling on past upsets, disappointments, grief and negative energy towards others.

If you have suffered a trauma, a divorce, break-up of a relationship, a narcissistic relationship, physical or mental illness, depression, job loss, business failure or are just feeling stagnant, you will benefit from this program.

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